Half Empty or Half Full?

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There are no facts, only interpretations. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Hello beautiful people.

Who knows THE truth about life? Who knows ALL the answers? I think we can all agree by replying with a resounding, “NO ONE.”

I think back to how I used to be so wrapped up in pleasing people who I thought knew the absolute truths about life.  But the truth is, they were winging it just like the rest of us.  Yes, maybe they had more years of experience in winging it.  They may have figured out formulas that helped them appear to have it all figured out.  But, they were winging it.

Granted, there are some truths that we agree on. The sky is blue, one plus one equals two, etc.  However, they are only truths because of the definitions and meanings we have given them.  Like, what is “blue”?  I’ve been taught that it’s a color.  I know what it sounds like when I pronounce it.  But it’s simply a word that someone decided would symbolize what we see when we look up into a cloudless sky.

What I’ve come to learn is that the truth may be the truth, but I can choose what I will make of it.  The truth may be a hard pill to swallow at times, but I can decide how I will allow it to shape my life.  Does this mean that I will be reckless and delusional?  Of course not. I know that if I attempt to redefine calories, the truth will eventually show up on the scale.

What matters is the truth I choose to accept.  So when asked if I see the cup as half empty or half full, my answer is neither.

Life’s cup is FULL and always available for us to indulge in every drop.


Author: Drica

Finding Joy in the Journey | Living Levine

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