How I Made Lemonade

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Restore to me the Joy of Your Salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.      Psalm 51:12

You never truly appreciate your journey until  Life hits you upside the head with a lemon or two.  When it’s a bag of lemons that knocks you over, it’s easy to want to do all you can to eliminate the feelings that come along with the initial blow.

I’ve had my fair share of lemons along my journey.  Usually one or two. Sometimes a bag.

The taste of bitterness was manageable for a while. Until one day I realized it leaked into my ability to experience joy and peace of mind even on a good day.

Then came the crossroad decision. Do I allow the bitterness to linger and hope that somehow selective amnesia will kick in and extract the sour, or do I figure out what ingredients need to be added in order to make lemonade?

It’s no surprise that I chose lemonade.  Although, I may or may not have googled “selective amnesia” for informational purposes 🙂

Here are a few of the ingredients I use in no particular order.

10 c- God’s grace and mercy

7 c- Attitude of Gratitude

5 c- Self Love

5 c- Love Others

1 c- Comparison Detox

1 c- Inner Voice > External Noise

1 c- Take Time To Grieve When Needed

2 c- Seek Help When Needed

I do my best to break down each ingredient into smaller, manageable action steps.  The recipe is tweaked depending on the circumstance. But  this is what has worked for me.

What I’m left with is a refreshing lemonade sweet enough to get me through the tough times, but not so sweet that I forget the purpose of its base ingredient.  Lemons didn’t come to make me bitter. They came to make me better.


There is no perfect way to make lemonade, and this recipe came only after trial and error.  Share your current “recipe” in the comments!





Author: Drica

Finding Joy in the Journey | Living Levine

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