Letting Go of My Twenties

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Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there is a future. – Daphne Rose Kingma

Well, this is it.  I’m on the last leg of my twenties.  The baton has been passed to me and it’s time that I cross the finish line of this decade and finish the race.

Well, if I’m being completely honest.  I put away my running shoes a while ago, left the track, and set out to learn why I was running in the first place and what exactly was I chasing.

I’m glad I did that.

I’ve learned more in this time of reflection than I have during the years spent running and chasing. I’ve learned what I truly value and why it’s important to stand up for those values when life gets overwhelming. I’ve learned how to say no to others and yes to my well-being when necessary. I’ve learned that when my body says rest, I must rest. Simple truths that were forgotten during the “rat race” of life.

So, how do I even begin to grasp turning thirty?

By first letting go of the thoughts that are based on society’s standard of success and not my own. You know the “I have to have XYZ by the time I’m (insert age) in order to be successful” thoughts.  I’ve spent the last few years of my twenties silencing those thoughts, and instead listening to the pulls and whispers of my “heart and soul strings” as I like to call them.  It has been one of the most important things that I’ve had to learn and am still learning with each passing day.

We live in a time where it is popular to put a filter on just about everything. Let’s not forget to filter our thoughts as well. Question any thought or belief that inhibits you from living your best life as you are and where you are right now.

The lessons and experiences of my twenties have created an armor of wisdom and strength that I am so grateful for.  Seriously, I cry tears of joy when I think about the journey and what God has seen me through.

With that said, bring it on thirty! I’m ready for you.


How have you celebrated or plan to celebrate any milestone birthdays?





Author: Drica

Finding Joy in the Journey | Living Levine

2 thoughts on “Letting Go of My Twenties”

  1. When you turn 40 (as I did last year) you find you go through the same feelings all over. I guess we hit this milestone every 10 years and feel the need to reflect. I found in my 30s I was growing up in ways I thought I already had. Some dark days for sure, but many more bright ones. Happy birthday to you! I hope this is an amazing year for you.

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