A List of Books Worth Reading

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Expand the mind, seek and you shall find – Kilah Priest

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love getting cozy under a blanket and lost in a good book.  A glass of wine to top it off and I’m in heaven.

Here are a few of my favorite reads and a review of my Top 3 favorite…



The Holy Bible

My go-to for just about everything. Any decision I’ve made with God as my point of reference has never failed.  My faith has grown over the years and continues to grow with every test that I encounter.  Golden nuggets of wisdom are spread throughout the Bible and have helped me through tough times.  There are many things within the Bible that I have struggled with, but that is also why I love it. It challenges me to be my best self and the woman God called me to be.

The versions I read the most are the Message Bible and New International Version.

The Voice of Knowledge

In this book, Don Miguel Ruiz describes the voice in our heads in a way that blew my mind and gave insight to “the story” we tell ourselves about ourselves.  He references stories in the Bible as well and how they tie into our inner voice. It is amazing how hearing certain concepts from a different perspective can help in digging deeper into our own inner truths.

I’ve read this one twice and don’t plan to stop there.

The 5 Love Languages

You go Gary Chapman! (reference movie Mean Girls : “You go Glen CoCo”)

This book is just…Wow.  I allowed this book to shift my mental paradigm about what it means to express love, and I have no regrets.  It is filled with wisdom, practical advice, and a quiz that will reveal your love languages. I recommend this book to everyone no matter your relationship status.


What are some of your favorite books to read for self-improvement?



Author: Drica

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