Easy Like Sunday Morning

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Let all that you do be done in Love

A quiet, serene Sunday morning sitting on the porch, sipping tea (literally) after a long week.

I decided to dedicate my first blog post to this moment because it epitomizes the woman I’m becoming…the woman I’ve always wanted to be.  I want to always appreciate and soak in the simple moments of life as much as I do the in your face, magical moments.  I want to live through every breath, and rejoice in every heartbeat.

Often overlooked, it is in the simple moments I believe lie the answers to many of life’s questions. It is where we remember to breathe. It is where busyness turns to stillness.  It is where we turn off the noise of the world and appreciate the joy of simply being.

I hope today and going forward, that you take the time to recognize these moments that are too often taken for granted.  Let’s not waste another moment.

Life is happening right now, and its gift of joy is always available.

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In what ways do you intentionally tune into the flow and joy of Life?  In what ways do you celebrate you?






Author: Drica

Finding Joy in the Journey | Living Levine

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